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RICP Retirement Income Certified Professional


Retirement Income Certified Professional®

3 Courses: 3 Required / 0 Elective

The latest ideas in creating sustainable retirement income.

The RICP® is the first must-have designation in 30 years, and is only available from The American College.

There will be an estimated 7,000 Americans reaching age 65 every day for the next 17 years. These numbers are staggering, and all of these individuals have until present, been focused on asset accumulation.

Today, the game is changing fast for financial professionals. The focus is now on the transition from assets to income, creating a rich, sustainable livelihood for clients. Advisors without this knowledge—or those who have a single-product solution or limited approach—will rapidly fall behind.

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RICP® Curriculum

Course Name
Course #

Retirement Income Process, Strategies & Solutions
HS 353

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to create an effective retirement income plan to maintain a client’s desired lifestyle over the course of retirement; identify retirement income needs and objectives and evaluate the client’s current situation relative to those goals; choose appropriate strategies to address income gaps; evaluate taxation, estate issues, and other risks to the retirement income plan; prepare alternative solutions to mitigate plan risks; choose appropriate strategies for monetizing assets over the retirement period; and customize and manage the plan during a client’s retirement.

Sources of Retirement Income
HS 354

The second of the program's three courses offers a deep dive on sources of retirement income. After completion, you can recommend the optimal Social Security claiming age appropriate for each client's situation; help a client determine the optimal retirement age, and choose appropriate annuities for the retirement income plan. You will also have a better understanding of how executive benefits and retirement benefits for Federal and Military employees fit into the plan. You will understand the different ways that life insurance can be used in planning and how to address the retirement needs of the small business owner. You will also be better able to help a client create a retirement savings portfolio and become more familiar with the latest research on strategies for ensuring that retirement assets last a lifetime.

Managing the Retirement Income Plan
HS 355

Available starting 1/1/2013
The third course in the RICP™ series focuses on initial and ongoing retirement income plan management. This knowledge will help you choose a tax-compliant and tax-efficient strategy for plan withdrawals from tax-advantaged plans; recommend the best health insurance options for retiring clients; select a method for funding long-term care needs; help a client with retirement housing decisions; create and manage retirement income portfolios appropriate for each client’s situation; and identify ways to help clients create and maintain satisfaction in retirement.


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