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The American College's 4-Day Live Review Course

Prepare for the CFP® exam with over 2,000 exam style questions and full digital access to all of the study material for each CFP® Certification course. Partnering with The American College will give you access to faculty with in-depth exam knowledge and experience.

Join us for a four day CFP® certification review course or 8 weeks of live webinar classes targeting test taking methodology, financial planning learning objective areas, and case study reviews.

The American College is offering a live CFP® certification review class targeting the 2015 CFP® exam. This class is designed to help you succeed. Upon registration you will receive:

  • 1,000 learning objective based pre-work questions
  • Digital access to all of The College’s CFP® certification course materials

At the live class you will receive:

  • Learning objective based study outline and slides
  • 1,000 domain-based questions
  • 200 questions based on case studies & items sets

After the course students will receive daily CFP® questions and a 2-Hour Intensive Web Review the weekend before the exam!

Webinar students will receive their exam questions at the time of enrollment via BlackBoard.


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Study Options

Study your way:
Online: Live webinar classes
Onsite: Intensive
classroom review
On Your Time: Flexibility
of self-study

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Tools for Success

•The best textbooks and online tools
•The most respected professors
•Affordable tuition plans
• Professional Education Counselors

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Exceptional Results

Students who make an A on all of The American College's CFP® certification education courses have a greater than 90% chance of passing the comprehensive exam.

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